About Moira


  • DVM
  • Canine Behavior Consultant
  • CSAT – Certified Separation Anxiety Trainer
  • Postgraduate degree in Animal-Assisted Therapy
  • APDT Chile Founding Board Member

Moira Hechenleitner is a DVM graduating with honors from Universidad Mayor, located in Santiago, Chile.

She has worked as a canine behavior consultant the last 10 years of her life, educating dogs and their families, through positive training and behavior modification programs.

Through her career, she worked in the Animal-Assisted Therapy field, and also as a teacher, who taught and helped develop dog training programs for dog trainers, through university postgraduate programs and private dog training center programs.

She is a CSAT (Certified Separation Anxiety Trainer) through the Separation Anxiety Certification Program instructed by renowned behavior consultant Malena DeMartini.

foto-moira-castaniaMoira is also part of the APDT Chile founding board (Association of Professional Dog Trainers – Chile), which promotes continuing education among dog trainers, specialists, and other professionals within the field, as its main goal.

She is currently devoted to helping dogs and their families, nationally and internationally, through remote dog training programs, among English and Spanish speaking countries.

One of her main focuses is not only helping dogs to overcome separation anxiety, but guiding and supporting owners through the healing process that this condition involves.

Moira is a speaker on the topic of separation anxiety in Spanish
speaking countries, and has been interviewed by newspapers,
magazines, and online blogs in Chile and United States.

She shares her life with her dog and cat, both rescued when very
young from the streets of Santiago, Chile.

See more about Moira’s background here.

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