Why choose a CSAT?


A Certified Separation Anxiety Trainer is an expert in successfully solving this condition.

Families living with dogs that suffer from this syndrome are frequently exposed to the common thinking that this problem is not treatable. It can be a difficult and painful condition to deal with, but with the right help and following an appropriate program, it can be solved!

Effective Program, Skilled Trainers

CSAT trainers are renowned for treating this problem effectively, thanks to their thorough working methodology, and their high number of successful cases.

They are skilled and experienced trainers, who have passed a rigorous certification program for professionals, which includes over three months of study, coursework, and verbal/essay exams.

CSATs possess the specific knowledge, training skills, compassion and empathy, that allow them to implement a specialized protocol, and give you the support needed to help you and your dog through this process of overcoming this problem.

Continuing Education

CSATs benefit from renowned separation anxiety expert, Malena DeMartini, who has created a support network, which she leads that allows them to review and discuss cases on a regular basis. When you ask for a CSAT’s help, you get access to a “village” which will work towards making yours and your dog’s life a Separation Anxiety free one.


Looking for help?

Imagine a day when you can go out for lunch, work peacefully at your office or run some errands, while your dog is relaxed at home, enjoying a nap in the sun, waiting for you to come back. You can do it, and you and your dog deserve it.

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