About the program


Moira is a DVM and a Certified Separation Anxiety Trainer (CSAT), part of a group of specialists devoted to helping dogs and their owners around the world to overcome this syndrome.

Fighting an uphill battle?

The general belief is that Separation Anxiety has no solution, because the healing process can be slow and sometimes uphill. Nevertheless, the methodology to treat it is very simple and when appropriately put into action, it can minimize the signs or even solve your dog’s Separation Anxiety.

How do we start?

  • Fill out the Contact Form here. 
  • We schedule a two-hour Remote Consultation to learn more about your dog’s situation, assess your dog’s signs when left alone during a real time absence, and determine the best plan to change the behavior.
  • If needed, we start a Daily Support Separation Anxiety Program, that will be adjusted day by day based on the dog’s needs and progress in order to accomplish the best results.
  • Fee: $100 USD per hour (payments available through PayPal).

The program is simple to follow, 100% guided, customized to every dog’s needs, and based in a very effective communication channel.

A modern method to deal with Separation Anxiety 

Technology available today has changed how we help dogs suffering from this condition, highly reducing regressions and difficulties along the way.

The technology we use in the program is very simple. If you know how to use a smartphone and how to turn your computer on, we are all set to start working together. Learn more about the remote training advantages HERE.


Looking for help?

Fill out this Contact Form and I will get in touch with you to talk more about your situation.