Remote training advantages


A modern method to deal with Separation Anxiety.

More than 50% of dogs around the world show at least one sign of separation related problems.

Unfortunately, many of them go untreated, some because owners don’t realize what’s going on, and others because there is not enough information about how to appropriately help them.

Technology available today, joined with a comprehensive program designed specifically for each dog, allow us to help dogs suffering from this condition, no matter where they live.

Is this method effective?

In order to effectively treat Separation Anxiety the trainer doesn’t need to visit the dog and owners. Moreover, being there during the development of the program can affect its evolution, because it changes the dog’s routine, not allowing an organic, real view, and experience of the situation.

Remote training optimizes the training results, by allowing us
to implement a proactive protocol instead of a reactive one,
in which we are able to:

  • Observe what’s happening in real time without the distraction to your dog of the trainer being present.
  • Modify the plan as needed on a daily basis according to the individual needs and fluctuations, decreasing the chance for error.

When working remotely you will be able to work from the comfort of your home, and at the times that better suit your schedule, still having access to an expert in the field. And you will get daily support, paying for real training time, and not for distance and travel time.

What do you need? 

The applications and technology used are very simple ones. Tools such as Skype or Zoom, which you can access through a computer, tablet or even a phone are some examples of applications that will allow us to see what is going on and therefore guide the training protocol in the best way needed. They will also help you to work with your dog in the most efficient and proactive manner.

Not a fan of technology?

If you love technology, you will love this approach, but if you don’t, it’s fine! If you know how to use a smartphone, turn a computer on and you have access to internet, we are ready to start working together.


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